Corporate News

Record-breaking working duration without any major injury exceeded 1 million in 3 Air Bases, celebrated in King Abdulaziz Airbase in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Total 10 Million man-hours have been transcended since 2015 on F-15 Modification Program. Events were celebrated respectively as below;

1) The King Khalid Training Center project built at the King Khalid Air Base in the city of Khamis Mushayt in Saudi Arabia within the scope of the F-15 Fleet Modernization Program was completed with 4.72 million safeman/hours. With this critical project carried out by the Saudi Arabian Royal Air Forces, Yuksel achieved success once again in Occupational Safety and Health

2) Development and upgrade existing military buildings at the Prince Sultan Air Base project built in the city of Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia within the scope of the F-15 Fleet Modernization Program was completed with 6.05 million safeman/hours cumulatively and celebrated. 

3) In the following years, there were no significant work accidents in the projects for which the tender was won gradually. Thanks to the high effort of the occupational health & safety team in the renovation and new military building constructions at the King Abdulaziz Air Base in the Dhahran region, it has approached 9 million man-hours cumulatively without recordable accidents.

Yuksel Saudia accomplished all relevant construction services and successfully handed over the project on 26 February 2021 and Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC) is issued.

We are proud to be part of this master transportation system for Riyadh capital city and hope to contribute more in vision 2030 development program for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Yuksel Saudia has been working with Gilbane Federal, Saudi and American Air Forces since 2014 in the Kingdom including total 9,54 M man-hour without a recordable and lost time injury. Committed all construction services including change orders have been completed on 12 October 2021 by our team. Therefore, the Yuksel Saudia footprint in the changing face of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Royal Air Forces.

First Community Bus Stop was installed to site on 3 July 2021 and cumulative progress achieved to 69% at site.

Our client Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC) has added new scope of the works to BRT Phase 3 project such as; Fiber Optics Network – Active Components, BMS System for BRT Stations & Bus Stops, Feeder Site Adaption Works, Salman Al Farsi Par and the project has even extended until 26 February 2021.

Yuksel accomplished that all construction services including change orders were completed on 6 April 2021. In this challenging geography, harsh weather conditions with COVID 19 infection suffering all the world, we have left behind 1.48 million man-hours without lost-time incidents over a total of 958 days. 

Despite all the difficulties, Yuksel continues to manufacture military defense and ammunition construction at full speed. We are proud of all our colleagues who are a part of this great project and wish them continued to gain achievements.

Yuksel provided Design-Bid-Build within the scope for the construction of twenty-five (25) Munitions Storage Area (MSA) in support of the F-15 Fleet Modernization Program. The MSA comprises ten (10) earth-covered magazines in King Abdulaziz Air Base located in Dhahran, ten (10) earth-covered magazines in King Faisal Air Base located in Tabuk, five (5) earth-covered magazines in King Khalid Air Base located in Khamis Mushayt including below detailed utilities; 

  • Earthworks for ECM Building – 6,639 m3
  • Storage concrete works – 9,242 m3
  • 425 Nos Precast panel manufacturing and installation
  • Earth berm works around munition storages – 30,149 m2
  • Grading, rock braking & backfilling – 63,159 m3
  • 15 cm thickness concrete pavements – 6,159 m2
  • Telecommunication infrastructure – 22,000 m
  • Road marking – 10,965 m
  • Thrust boring – 225 m
  • Site CCTV works

Yuksel selected to build the new telecom and flight simulation building. 

Royal Saudi Air Force and United States Air force have selected leading military buildings constructer Yuksel. All relevant construction works including modification and upgrade of existing buildings in total a area of 11,000 m2 and infrastructure work around 50 km network were received on 2020.

Yuksel has broken its own record in fleet modernization projects, with 3,660 days of work accident-free since the cooperation started in 2014.

We congratulate our entire project executive team, especially the HSE team, for their life-saving importance and close follow-up from the beginning.

Yuksel cares. Employee lives matter

Projected intelligent military buildings will be included in the Saudi Air Force inventory in the Arabian Peninsula will be construct at King Abdulaziz Air Base located in Dhahran Region. The construction works of 12,000 m2 in total will be performed within the scope as design build- turnkey-contract signed on April 16, 2018. The scope of work contains that Squadron Operation Facility, F-15 Maintenance Hangar, Corrosion Control Facility, Avionic POD Facility including all civil infrastructure, mechanical and electrical components.

The new munition storage will be raised for Royal Saudi Air Force in the Arabian Peninsula will be built at Al Kharj, Prince Sultan Air Base, and Khamis Mushayt, King Khalid Air Base. The construction works of 18,720 m2 in total will be performed within the scope as design-build- turnkey-contract, signed on August 09, 2018. The scope of work contains that 22 Nos Earth Covered Magazine, Telecommunication Building, 40,000 m2 road works, around 25 km utility line including all civil, infrastructure, mechanical and electrical components.

A total of 6.05 million man-hours were exceeded by our team in 2017 since we started working on one of the most comprehensive projects in the country, and PSAB was celebrated in Al Kharj. 

On March 6, 2018, Yuksel Saudia gave the message that it is ready to cooperate for future projects by completing the first innovative ammunition depot in the Al Kharj region of the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force F-15 Fleet Modernization Projects.

The contract of the Infrastructure of the Third Phase of Riyadh Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Lines within King Abdulaziz Public Transport System is signed. The owner is Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC), Saudi Arabia. The contract was signed and received on 01/03/2017. The duration of the Project will be 24 months.

The purpose of this project is to construct 22 km road rehabilitation works for King Abdulaziz, Imam Shafi & Khaled Ibn Waleed roads, construction of 17 pairs of Bus Rapid Transit System Stations, 1276 nos ff Community Bus Stops and 5 nos of Pedestrian Bridges includes all civil, architectural and electro-mechanical works as well as the site adaptation, the utility diversion, the traffic diversion/management etc.

As a result of the last meetings with the Royal Saudi Air Forces and US Air Forces Commanders, it was decided to make additional renovations to the existing project on 2017.

Yuksel continues to develop military air bases across the country. We are proud of signing the contract for our second project within the scope of F-15 Fleet Modernizations in Prince Sultan Air Base in Al Kharj Region.

The contract is a design build- turnkey project which was signed on September 22, 2016. The project includes the construction of twelve Earth Covered Magazines, Conventional Munitions Shop, Potable Water Pump Station, Warehouse buildings, Hazardous Storage, Deep Well and Fire Protection Water storage including all civil infrastructure, mechanical and electrical components.

We are honored to announce that the project has been completed safely, reaching 4.72 million man-hours without any lost time incidents. In the ceremony held to celebrate this success, the Certificate Award Ceremony was held on 2016 as part of the Discipline/Award program.

Yuksel, as the prime construction subcontractor to Gilbane Federal, provided construction services have been completed on 09 March 2017. Having completed its first Fleet Modernization Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cooperation with Gilbane Federal, Yuksel Saudia performed all civil, architectural, mechanic, and electrical works with high quality and know-how.

We, as Yuksel Saudia, are proud to announce that first, the F-15 Modernization Project in Saudi Arabia, located in the Khamis Mushayt named King Khalid Training Center and Renovations has been awarded.
The duration of the Project will be 20 months while the total value of the Project is 508 million SAR This project has the primary objective of providing high standard education and living spaces for young students joining the Saudi Air Force, including Khamis Mushayt’s infrastructure. Hereby, the design-build- turnkey-contract signed on November 10, 2014, the construction works of 45,120 m2 in total will be performed as detailed below. We hope that it will also contribute to Yuksel by turning into a safe and prosperous business.
RSAF Operation Facilities
Three Student Housing Facilities for 900 People
Student Center Facility
HQ Administration Facility
Dining Facility
F-15SA Maintenance Training Center
Avionic POD Facility
General Landscape works, Roads and Site developments

Major Safety Milestone Achieved by Yuksel Saudia Recently

Safety and security of its employees, vendors, visitors, and all affected by its work activities is of paramount importance and amongst the core values of Yuksel Saudia.

We, as Yuksel Saudia, believes in a safe workplace with total commitment from workers and management and we believe safety is a life style not a requirement.

Based on this philosophy of safety & security Yuksel Saudia has successfully executed the “Project of Concrete Repair of Selected Structures in Al-Khobar Power & Desalination Plant – Phase II” recently. The project was executed over a duration of 4 years. Yuksel achieved 4,706,666 man-hours without lost time accident on this project while performing the work conforming to project specifications, Client requirement and to the highest construction industry standards.

New Record from Yuksel Saudia Project: The First Stretch of Abu Bakr Siddique Road Development Project

The project of “The First Stretch of Abu Bakr Siddique Road Development”, currently being executed by Yuksel Saudia and belonging to Royal Commission for Riyadh City is one of the major and prestigious projects in the city of Riyadh – K.S.A.

The purpose of this project is to construct a fly over bridge spanning 326 m and 2200 m of asphalt road works for connecting King Abdullah Road with Prince Salman Road.

Yuksel achieved a new and major safety record on this project by successfully lifting a heavy metallic deck section of the bridge structure, weighing Three Hundred (300) tons, and placed accurately on its previously erected supports. The lifting was executed safely without even a minor incident or accident.

Yuksel has thus achieved a record of lifting the heaviest weight on any of its in Kingdom projects so far, since its establishment in Saudi Arabia in the year 1983 G

The contract of the Construction of Infrastructure (Third Phase) in the University City Project, which has a contract price of 195 million SR, is signed. The project is underpass bridge which will combine two campuses in Dammam. Yuksel received the Letter of Intent (LOI) for the project on 30.01.2011

Yuksel is shortlisted for construction of Water Transmission System from Dams of Hali, Yubah & Al Laith to Shoaibah Plant Phase 2 Project by Ministry of Water & Electricity of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project, which has a contract price of 565 million SR, is expected to be awarded within couple of months.

As it might be recalled, Yuksel Saudia has undertaken the construction of the EPWTS-II Eastern Province Water Transmission System – Phase 2 with the contract we signed on March 2, 2008. After a fast-paced and intensive construction period, the construction of the pump station, transmission lines and the stations that will provide water to the main parts of the system has been completed and the different parts of the project’s system have gradually begun to be operated. The project’s first phase supports the Jubail Sea Water Desalination Plant, which has been meeting the water needs of the capital Riyad since June 28, 2010. Recently, the project’s second phase was brought to the stage of completion and started to be operated in order to meet the regional water needs. With the completion of the project, 9 cities and towns located in the Eastern Region have received the fresh water they have desired for so many years.

The project is worth 1.5 billion SR and Yuksel Saudia has fully initiated the projection, provision and construction processes, It is one of the most important investments in Saudi Arabia in terms of its function. The Project is also very important to Yüksel, since it is the biggest Engineering-Procurement-Construction project that has been undertaken.

As mentioned above, the second phase works of the project have been completed and have started to be gradually put into operation. Within this context, the water feeding operation to Dammam city, which consumes the greatest amount of water in the region, began on November 23, 2010. Following that, the supply of fresh water to other cities and towns started.

SWCC Governor H.E. Dr. Fahied F. Al-Shareef highlighted the projects operation in a ceremony that attracted great attention from the country’s press due to its importance.