Design, Build & Construction Services for King Khalid Air Base (KKAB) Khamis Musayt

Client              : United States Airforce
Location         : Khamis Mushayt
Start                : 2014
Completion    : 2017

Project Description

The scope of this project was design and construction of new support facilities in KKAB. Within this context 6,000 m2 Operations Facility, 21,600 m2 Dormitories (to accommodate 900 people), 11,000 m2 Student Center including classrooms, workshops and maintenance facilities, 790 m2 Administration Headquarter, 2,770 m2 Dining Facility, 530 m2 Training Center, 1,830 m2 Avionic POD Facility, 600 m2 Mosque and all utilities/pavements, infrastructures and renovation and upgrading of the existing air craft maintenance facilities have been constructed inside air base.