King Faisal University Infra-structure Work - Phase III

Client              : Ministry of Higher Education-King Faisal University
Location         : Al-Hassa
Start                : 2007
Completion    : 2011

Project Description

This project composed of site cleaning, excavation and backfilling works, sanitary sewer system, lift stations, well water system, sweet water network system, raw water network system, effluent water network system, chilled water supply, storm water drainage system, electrical works & communication cable trenches & manholes, MV cables (15kV) feeding main transformer (13.8 kV), low voltage cables (600-1000V), interior & exterior lighting & power outlets, grounding & lightning system. In addition site improvements, road 1,2,3 work, bridge over the east loop road, retaining wall at east loop road, compact substation, outdoor transformer MMC, distribution panels, ATS, diesel generators, SCADA system were also performed within the scope of the project.