Murwani Dam Project

Client              : Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE)
Location         : Murwani
Start                : 2004
Completion    : 2010

Project Description

Asphalt rock fill type dam construction with asphalt core in the middle. The crest length 560 m and height from the foundation 91 m. Total of 6 million m3 embankment with 450.000 m3 rock-fill and 28,300 m3 asphaltic core were performed. Construction of uncontrolled overflow type spillway with 160 m crest length. Construction of horse shoe shape 542 m long diversion tunnel with 7 m diameter. Construction of 2.5 m diameter, 137 m long access gallery. Hydromechanics work: Butterfly and Howell Bunger Valves, 160 m long line with 2.5 m Diameter Penstock. Construction of 5 m wide, 3.5 km long asphalt road; construction of 19,800 m2 slurry trench; construction of US and DS cofferdams; grouting works and 29,000 m drilling for grouting.