Prince Sultan Air Base & King Khalid Air Base, Construction of Standoff Weapons Earth Covered Magazine

Client              : United States Airforce
Location         : Kharj & Khamis Mushayt
Start                : 2018
Completion    : 2021

Project Description

The project is a joint effort by the U. S. Air Force (USAF) and the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) to provide the facilities and infrastructures required to support the Saudi F-15 Fleet Modernization Program. The project includes the construction of 22 each earth covered magazines (ECM) facilities, a telecommunication building, and associated site utilities.

The project located in two separate air bases, namely Prince Sultan Air Base (Al Kharj) and King Khalid Air Base (Khamis Mushayt).

The project quantities of the major items are as follows:

  • Total Building Area:                                                  4,700.00m2
  • Asphalt Road:                                                           40,000.00 m2
  • Concrete Apron Road:                                             15,680.00 m2
  • High Security Fence:                                                3,400.00 m
  • Telecom and Electric Utility Lines:                        34,700.00 m
  • Concrete Pavement for Erosion Control:              310,000.00 m2
  • Rock Blasting:                                                           55,000.00m3
  • Excavation:                                                                65,000.00m3
  • Backfilling:                                                                 84,000.00m3