Yanbu – Medina Water Transmission System

Client              : Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC )
Location         : Yanbu – Madina
Start                : 1993
Completion    : 2001

Project Description

The project was designed to convey desalinated water from Yanbu Water Conversion Plant to Madina with a capacity of 363,000 m3/day water. Project consist of three different group of work; Pipeline, Stations & Reservoirs and Housing Compound. Yuksel has performed all kind of the civil works such as trenching and sand filling, backfilling, valley protection of existing 32’’ line, construction drain, vent, tap off, line valve stations and construction of maintenance road along 60’’ and 32’’ steel pipelines having a total length of 200 km, valve chambers, road crossings by thrustboring, foundations of steel tanks (4×140,000 m3), in addition, construction of station buildings, concrete reservoirs (12×50,000 m3, 1×35,000 m3, 2×25,000 m3, 1×5000 m3) and housing compound having approximately 41,000 m2 covered area.