King Khalid Air Base

First military project in the Kingdom over 45,000 m2 superstructure, together with infrastructure development and aprons.

Shoibah WTS Phase 2

Water transmission from Qunfudah to Al Lith with 158 km 1500 mm CS pipe and 40 km 500 mm pipeline to villages.

Eastern Province WTS

Water transmission between Jubail to Khbar with 500,000 m3/day capacity through 134 km carbon steel pipeline upto 1900 mm CS pipes.

Dam Projects (3 Nos)

Construction of 106m high, 340m long Baysh Dam (CVC), 52m high 592m long Damad Dam (RCC) and 101m high 580m long Murwani Dam (Asphalt Core Rockfill)

Yanbu Madinah WTS

Transfer of desalinated water from Yanbu to Madinah with 363,000 m3/day capacity. More than 200 km pipeline with 1.25 million m3 reservoir.