Riyadh-Qassim Water Transmission System - Mainline Pipeline: Segment I, Segment IV

Client              : Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)
Location         : Riyadh-Qassim
Start                : 1985
Completion     : 1989 Segment IV – 1992 Segment I

Project Description

The system was built to transfer the desalinated water from desalination plant at Jubail to Riyadh and Qassim. Yuksel Saudia executed the pipeline works of Segment I and Segment IV of Riyadh-Qassim section of the project.

Yuksel performed the pipeline under two different Contracts: One of them was 20 km prestressed concrete pipeline having a diameter 2000 mm and 204 km twin pipeline having a diameter 1600 mm from Line-C (HPT) to Origin (Segment I). And the other one again prestressed concrete pipeline with a length of 208 Km and having a diameter 1600 mm from Al- Ghat to Buraydah (Segment IV). The pipe line works composed of all kind of civil, electrical and mechanical works for a fully functional water pipeline, laying of communication cable along the pipeline, cathodic protection works, 4 km long lake crossing, road crossing by thrust boring method with a total length of 595 m, and construction of all kind of superstructures along the pipelines.